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Safer And Simple To Use

No combinations, keys, apps, bluetooth, password or registered privacy information needed. The only key is your fingerprint. Unauthorized access with a paper-clip is eliminated.

Long-Lasting Battery

A single 1.5 hours full charge of the integrated battery supports 3000 openings. The LED front light flashes about 15 Sec. after reaching a voltage lower than 3.5V. No worries. At this status, dozens of openings are still possible before you recharging with a UBS cable.

10-in-1 Key System

Instead of distributing only two or three physical spare keys, you can store 10 different fingerprints. Access to such a Hi-tech devices allows you to make more people feel important.

Robust And Waterproof

This Lock Is made out of a stainless steel shackle and has a zinc alloy shell. This contributes to the gadget being saw proof, water proof and rust proof.

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